FUT Hair Transplant in Chomu

FUT Hair Transplant in Chomu

Avail the best FUT hair transplant in Chomu. Also known as a strip technique, in FUT hair transplant, the hair is harvested from the mid portion of the donor area where the hair is most permanent. This particular way is carried out to maximize the yield of high quality grafts from the permanent zone. Hence, to get the required number of hair grafts, follicular units need to be extracted from upper and lower portions of the donor region. 

Procedure of FUT

  • A strip of tissue is taken from the most promising aspect of the posterior scalp, the laxity of the scalp is checked. 
  • The strip of hair is accordingly incised and the defect hence created is closed. 
  • After the hair strip is harvested, the grafts are dissected by the number of dissectors working simultaneously.as a result, we obtain good quality grafts, which are strong devoid of any trauma 
  • These hair grafts have also a protective dermis and fat over the base, which mimics the microscopic and the natural environment, which as a result helps the graft to grow.

We offer this FUT transplant process at comparatively affordable costs in Chomu.

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant

  • Painless technique
  • Scarless technique of Trichophytic closure
  • No side effects 
  • Covers more bald regions in just single sitting
  • The Graft damage rate is less 
  • Gives best result with a high-density hair transplant
  • multiple sittings does not affecting the donor area density

 We at Cosmetica skin clinic, offer the best FUT transplant in Chomu.

We are the best FUT hair transplant clinic in Chomu.

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Excellent service,left hope of getting spotless skin but under supervision n experience of Dr Sanjay,truly a gem person, down to earth ....my burnt and dark spot skin is no more da same...Thanks Sanjay Sir and Team Cosmetica...

Naina Kapoor
Naina Kapoor

This is the best hair transplant Center I have ever been. I had recommended some of my friends and they all were happy with the results. The team is highly professional and equipped by advance technology. I recommend cosmetica to everyone.

Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma

Have taken laser hair removal ... experience with the results is amazing...i got rid of those unwanted hair lifetime Thanks cosmetica and the team for taking care of my concern

Jiten Mangtani
Jiten Mangtani

I got the treatment done from cosmetica for acne and acne scars....After 10 session my skin is just turned amazing .... I want to thank cosmetica for giving my confidence back

Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common risks that are involved in hair transplant procedure are scarring, infection & bleeding. You may encounter vomiting and mild nausea after the treatment due to the used medications and local anesthetic.

You need to visit us for follow up only once or twice. After that, you can contact us via email or call us directly to clear all your queries or doubts.

There are mainly 2 testing procedures for allergies. The one method is blood testing and the other one is skin testing. The skin test process is preferred as it provides appropriate and immediate results and also cost effective. Blood test is a good alternative for people with medical conditions due to which they are unable to opt for skin testing.

This will largely be based on your treatment, procedure, and you can know better the lasting effects of your treatment from your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation.

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